a meditation on love.

At times love feels like a demolition but in reality it is a beautiful renovation[1], if you are willing to let it be. It’s not love, but our responses to love that makes us giddy or suffer, it’s our myriad of projections of what is right and what is wrong, what should be and what should not be, how long it should last. But that is not love itself that is us. Love is simply a beautiful brilliant light from the other world, life seeking life, beauty seeking beauty it God’s first essence, “I love”[2] that fills everything, and it is up to us to make the beautiful shadow play with that light by being fearless and seeing “the other”[3] not as we would have them but as they are, and by being ok when the curtain falls. Or we can take that light and make a frightening shadow play by being fearful, and by strutting and fretting and weeping because eventually the curtain will go down.

No matter what, the curtain will always come down; in month, in a year in 10. At the end of our lives, the curtain always comes down. We can’t escape that. The question is then, when the curtain comes down, do we applaud with eyes filled with tears at the beauty of it all or do we complain that our seats were uncomfortable or that our role was too insignificant. Ultimately it is up to us.

We must always remember that love is the light and not the shadow. Dance in the light, The light! The light! Dance!

Thank God for love,
Namu amida butsu.

1. Rumi
2. Li Young Lee. “The Virtues of a Boring Husband.”
3. Rilke


2 thoughts on “a meditation on love.

  1. I can connect with this, it makes me want to pay more attention to the day. Not worry so much about after the curtain fall but to enjoy the day.

    Thank you, I think I’ll dance a little more!
    Your eternal friend Shannon

  2. This makes me reflect on what’s really important to me. I think I’ll dance a little more and enjoy the day!
    Thanks – Shannon

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