the old man shovels snow

the old man
shoveling snow
black bird on a wire


trying to quit smoking

trying to quit smoking
i give away
my second pack today

White Lotus

white lotus;

not away from –

                  nor toward anything.





I wrote this haiku riding the bus to work. I was meditating on grace, beauty and surrender. It came to me that, at times my responses to life tend to be toward something or someone, or away from something or someone, not realizing that there is another possible conscious response – exhibited by a white lotus, radiant growing from the mud and water – it moves not towards anything nor away from anything, it simply is a lotus, simply radiant like you and I.

day after a break up

the day after heartbreak –
I still imitate the Easter bunny
for a little boy –





this haiku was written this morning, for my friends little boy  Joseph,  I just had broken up with my lover the day before,  In a strange way it made the heartache that much more,  ” The world is so beautiful, because its difficult.”